Electric Components

We provide repair services for various electric components. We offer repair services for electrical systems such as ballast units, power supplies, magnetos and starter generators within our facilities near major airports at Cologne (CGN) and Frankfurt (FRA).

Repair and Overhaul Capabilities of Electrical Components

We are experts in dedicated avionic fields. We serve various aircraft operators in General Aviation, Business Aviation and Commercial Aviation with electrical component repair services for the following components:

  • Actuator assemblies
  • Ballast units
  • Power supplies
  • Batteries
  • Starter generators
  • Magnetos

We are a well-known address for the repair of lighting systems. Our expertise covers interior as well as exterior lighting:

  • Window lights
  • Taxi lights
  • Logo lights
  • Recognition lights
  • Search lights
  • Reading lights
  • Indicator lights
  • Emergency lights

Your benefits

  • Cost-effective overhaul and short turnaround times through optimized processes and high flexibility
  • Short lead time to build up capability for your lighting systems
  • Dual Release Certification with EASA Form 1